NVIDIA InfiniBand - Delivering Data at the Speed of Light

NVIDIA Quantum-2, the seventh generation of the NVIDIA InfiniBand architecture, gives AI developers and scientific researchers the fastest networking performance and feature-sets available to take on the world’s most challenging problems. NVIDIA Quantum-2 empowers the world’s leading supercomputing data centers with software-defined networking, In-Network Computing, performance isolation, advanced acceleration engines, remote direct-memory access (RDMA), and the fastest speeds and feeds up to 400Gb/s.

400GB & 800GB InfiniBand NDR Transceiver Modules

  • In Stock & Ready to Ship
  • 100% compatible with NVIDIA QM9700/9790 devices.
  • Tested for compatibility with multiple firmware versions, compliant with IBTA Industrial BER standards.
  • Single Port 400GB Flat Top & Twin Port 800GB Finned Top
  • 3-Year Free Replacement, 5-Year Warranty

ConnectX SmartNICs

  • Single Port or Dual Port
  • Up to 400GBPS

Quantum-2 IB Switches

  • Up to 400Gb/s bandwidth per port
  • Over 66.5 billion packets per second (bidirectional) from a single NVIDIA Quantum-2 switch device
  • Up to 64 400Gb/s ports or 128 200Gb/s ports in a single switch